Moonlit Path of a Samurai Girl

I am a star bound to a body, until in the end, I am freed through my strife...

Üdvözöllek! ~ Welcome!
My journal is



The reason for this is that I use my LJ to daydream, reflect, rejoice, fangirl or even complain
about various things.

In other words, I show my heart and soul here.
You must understand that's something I don't want everyone to see. ^^


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If you wanna be my friend,
comment on this entry or send me a message with a few words about who you are.
I don't add back anyone who just randomly adds me.
If we are compatible, I'll add you back.
If we have talked before (e.g. on Twitter), that will make the process easier. :)

I love to make new friends so don't be shy to write to me!
I don't bite, you know... :)

As GACKT says... keep smiling and stay delicious! ;)
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Japan, my he♥rt is with you!

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