I am a woman who runs with the wolves,

I am a star bound to a body, until in the end, I am freed through my strife...


Forever inspired by GACKT and his wonderful music...

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." ~ GACKT


Hi there! Welcome to my journal!^^

My nickname is after Sasaki Kojiro. (He was one of my favourite samurai.)
My real name is Tímea.
I'm a nature conservation engineer.

"Swift as the wind,
Silent as the forest,
Conquer as the fire,
Unmoveable as the mountain."
- Fuurin Kazan -

I'm honest, I always speak my mind and I love to laugh and enjoy life with my beloved ones. :)

I'm very spiritual and open-minded. I believe that one of the biggest missions in our lives is to get to know ourselves. We have been taught about the outer world since when we were very little, but no one can teach us to get to know ourselves, our inner world. We need courage to step on that journey alone. I believe in the power of human soul, because we are full of light. There is the energy of the Cosmos flowing in our veins, we just have to learn how to live with it, how to use it to make ourselves and others happy.

"Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife."
- Thoth the Atlantean


I was able to attend GACKT's first European tour - THE ATTACK OF THE YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, in Munich, Germany, 22 July 2010. It was a dream coming true.

And then the dream came true again, twice:
1 August, 2011 - Munich, Germany
4 August, 2011 - Budapest, Hungary

2019.02.15-02.22. ~ The best week of my life: my first journey to Egypt that was kind of a spiritual initiation to me. I will never forget what I got on this trip and I hope to return someday. Part of my soul belongs there, that wonderful ancient culture with Atlantean roots. <3

Also: ♥ manga ♥ anime ♥ yaoi ♥ J-Rock ♥ the Transformers and Marvel Universe ♥

I love video games: girl gamers rule! :DD And also TV shows, though I don't have time to watch as many as before. :)

I ♥ tennis, Roger Federer is my forever favourite.♥

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ADD ME AS A FRIEND, I MOST LIKELY WON'T ADD YOU BACK RIGHT AWAY. This doesn't mean that I will never add you, but my journal is quite private and I probably need some time to see if we are compatible and such, before I let anyone read about my personal life.

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